Our dedicated bariatric vehicle is large enough to handle the largest decedents, using the latest and strongest equipment available. This enables us to move decedents of any weight. Our bariatric vehicle is equipped with wall mounted channel tracks to secure equipment, a tail lift gate capable of lifting over 2000 pounds, and a custom made bariatric transport cart larger than any available on the market today. We also have a walk behind 2200 pound portable lift to ease the transfer process. We are fully equipped to handle residential removals, as well as institutional removals.

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Transporting and maneuvering the morbidly obese can be very difficult for the average funeral home. We, at Professional Transport Service, can handle your bariatric removals. We provide a fully-equipped bariatric removal vehicle staffed by an experienced transport team that’s qualified to handle your most difficult removal, with special regard to the decedent’s dignity and respect.

Professional Transport Service is working with National Mortuary Shipping to handle bariatric cremations and embalmings. Many funeral home doorways are not able to accommodate the oversize decedents and equipment. We offer an alternate solution. With our lift equipment, we can casket the remains and transport directly to cemeteries for interments as well.

If you are in need of funeral transportation removal services in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana or other locations - Please contact us for current rates.

We Are A No Physical

Lift System



  • Trucks are equipped with hydraulic lifts
  • A special Med Sled is used to aid in home removals
  • Our custom built bariatric cart is 40" wide and can handle

          well over 1200 lbs.

  • During transport, the cart is anchored by heavy duty ratchet straps