Standard and Bariatric Removals


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If you are in need of funeral transportation removal services in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana or other locations - Please contact us for current rates.

Funeral Escort Service

Professional Transport Service offers Funeral Escort Service to our Northeast Ohio Funeral Homes.  Escort drivers will be dressed in suit and ties, available to help park cars and assist funeral directors during funerals.  All escort drivers are present or former law enforcement personnel familiar with state laws and driving techniques.

Please Call for Rates and Availability.

Professional Transport Service is a family owned and operated full-service mortuary transport provider whose hallmark is "professional service in a timely and dignified manner at affordable prices." Everyone in the PTS family understands that we represent your business on every call. Every call is completed by professionally attired, competent and dignified removal specialists using the latest in industry equipment and vehicles, specifically designed for this purpose. 

We have been operating since 2002 in the northeast Ohio area, providing first call removal services to Cleveland and Akron area funeral homes and offering inter-city transport services to all of Ohio, as well as out of state.

We are the only service that is specially equipped and trained to handle bariatric (morbidly obese) cases. Working with National Mortuary Shipping, we can also offer cremation and embalming services and ground or air shipping for these most difficult cases.